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Existing CanSIA Committees

Board Committees

HR Committee

Michelle Chislett, Chair

Finance Committee

Comprised of Greg Scallen (Chair), Michelle Chislett and Ron Mantay

Ethics Committee 

Comprised of Jon Kieran (Chair), Greg Scallen and Jonathan Weisz

Membership Committee

Comprised of Jonathan Weisz (Chair), Bob Waddell and Jared Donald

Board Elections & Awards Committee

Comprised of Jared Donald (Chair), Dave Kelly and Heather MacAulay



Board Sponsor

Caucus Chair

Ontario PV Bob Waddell

Fidel Reijerse

Vice Chair: Utilia Amaral

Manufacturers Jim MacDougall

Paolo Maccario & Todd Nguyen (interim)

Western Solar Dave Kelly
Dave Kelly (interim)
Solar Thermal Rob Waters Rob Waters (interim)
Atlantic Solar Caucus Rob Waters Heather McAulay (interim)
Federal Caucus Jim MacDougall Tom Timmons

Working Groups 

Working Group          


Working Group Chair


Ontario PV         

Utilia Amaral


Ontario PV

Carlo Di Gioacchino


Ontario PV

David Cork


Ontario PV

David Wills
Steve Ray               


Ontario PV

Chris Stern

Fire Safety
Ontario PV Jen Aitchison
Solar Installer Safety Ontario PV Frank Pallotta

Solar Thermal Air

Solar Thermal

Christian Vachon

Solar Thermal Water

Solar Thermal

Dave Kelly

Solar Thermal Technical

Solar Thermal

John Hollick
Suni Ball

Solar Thermal Ontario Solar Thermal Victoria Hollick
Alberta Solar Western Brent Harris
BC Solar Western Dave Egles
Saskatchewan Solar Western Dave Anderson

For more information on our Caucuses and Working Groups and to learn how to participate and contribute to their activities, contact the CanSIA staff liaison, Policy and Research Advisor: Paul Luukkonen.